Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our little Zeus. He had stopped eating for days and was incapable of much. He was wasting away by the minute. He had a big tumor in his liver and also had GI and kidney issues. So the very difficult decision to end his suffering had to be made. We spent Friday night getting up every so often to check on him and just be with him. We’ve been crying since our phone consult with the vet Friday evening. We took him into the vet at 2pm Saturday. The sedative was given at 2.18pm. It was so hard to leave him; I felt my knees buckle. The vet, the techs and the receptionist were all teary eyed too.

We got Zeus, a gorgeous Bengal cat with a mega personality, when he was ten years old in 2006. Within the first week, he was already so in tuned to my needs that when I had fallen onto the floor on my way out of the bathroom, and lay there immobile, unable to speak, he came to me, sat next to me and began howling. That is how Brett knew where I was. He hated seeing suitcases being brought out as though he somehow knew one or both of us were leaving to go somewhere for awhile. He would sit across from me and just stare at me, like, really? You’re gonna leave me now? He would always wake up and run to the door when he heard Brett’s keys in the keyhole when Brett got home from work, and stand there as the door opens to greet him with a special Zeusy meow. He loved socialising. He would unabashedly join in book club meetings and dinner parties as though he was just another member of the party. Then there was his very unique way of asking for food. He’d sit with his left front paw up, licking his lips. That’s how he let us know he is hungry. There are countless stories like that.

Everywhere I look, I see him. Our heads automatically turn to the sofa, expecting to see him lying there; or think he is going to walk through the doorway into the kitchen when I go upstairs first thing in the morning. The house seems so empty without him. We are so heart-broken and sad. But then, we are also so very thankful that we got these few years with him, the ways he made us laugh and chuckle, his little quirky habits, his total and complete love of boxes, papers and bath time.

This little critter filled our hearts with so much love, warmed our lives with his unconditional love and ‘conversations’. We will always treasure the memories we have of him.

Rest in Peace, beloved Zeusy boy. You were a gift that truly kept on giving right to the end.

2 thoughts on “Rajahpurr Zeus 1996-2010

  1. Donna Walters says:

    Gina and Brett, my condolences on your loss of Zeus. Having had to say goodbye to two babies in the past, I know the pain of such a loss. But I have found that when I think of them now, I still chuckle at their antics and thank God for the blessing of having had their love during those years they were with me. Being “owned” by three cats currently, I know the day will come when we have to say goodbye and can’t imagine any one of them not being in my life. I hope you will be able to rescue another little furry friend in the future, not to replace Zues, but to add another layer of love in your lives (and we can’t get enough of those layers, can we?!).

    1. Traca says:

      Gina, what a lovely post! It’s a treasure to have a wonderful pet like Zeus. xoxo – T

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