I rediscovered this poem written almost seven years ago, reminding me that ultimately, it boils down to a matter of choice. Influences abound around us and how we react to them is up to us. With the ramping up of political rhetoric in the past weeks towards the new election cycle, it may bode us well to remember it is really up to us, the people, to continue the movement forward towards progress and to hold the elected officials’ feet to the fire. And it is us, the people, that affect change.

The Carousel

I ride the horse on the carousel,
gaily coloured, he wears a fixed laugh.

I know no direction
the aimlessness offers me
no burden of thought.

In circles I go; the many voices around me
on the surface offering a sense of gaiety.
As I turn around, around, around,
all these voices overwhelm me.
Where am I going? Do I know?

I breathe deep and am suddenly aware
of yet another voice.
It is soft, gentle, resolute.
It seems deep and strong
during the turns of the carousel
that almost throw me off my aimless ride.

The Voice of Truth calls out to me
over,above, beyond
the chatter, the talk, the noise.

I feel it reaching out to me
drawing me onto a path of life…

I stop and get off my frozen, fiberglass horse.
I am not meant to go in circles;
My life has purpose and direction.

I stride on the direction of life
with the Voice of Truth in me
around me.

I see the Voice of Truth
in the smile of a child I pass,
in the hug of a mother
in the touch of a lover
in the confidence of a friend.

I go on purposeful, seeing direction
knowing myself with the Voice of Truth
manifest in me
within me
around me.

Gina, Nov 2004.

2 thoughts on “The Carousel

  1. Chrstina M says:

    I love your poem. It is quite appropriate for my current phase in life. It may not apply to me on the political relm but more in my personal life right now. Thanks for the post! I love you!

  2. ginabentley says:

    Glad it made a connection, Christina. It was originally written in terms of personal choice in what we take into our minds and thus, act upon. Hope to see you soon xo

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