standard of gracewhat do you do
when your best intent
falls by the wayside;
your attempts to matter

what do you do
when your hopes
seem childish
and too earnest
for this jaded world?

what do you do
when your tears
are the only taste
your tongue remembers;
when you are a cursed woman
who will never hold
a child in her arms?

what do you do
when the dark, moist, soft soil

you dig into

seems such a part of you
that it beckons your flesh and bones
to join it, to become part of it?
of dust I was made, to dust I will return.

Till then, I will rely on His never-ending mercy, and unfailing grace.

One thought on “The Byway

  1. Christina McDonald says:

    Gina, I struggle to know what to say. I long to be able to help water the seeds of the plant in the soil so that it blossoms to the beauty that I know is there. You are loved and those who love you want you to rind life throught this darkness. We bring out light in hopes of stimulating your life again. Take hold of us and let us pull you up. Let our love help you heal to blossom again.

    I looked at your art on your blog and see the creative being that I know you to be. Perhaps it is sat or these writings that help you find the joy in life again.

    Remember I love you even if I am not there physically with you. I think of you often and only wish that I can be of more assistance.

    Much love, Christina

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