rising from the pyre


he came in with

a bright smile

a sun shedding

light into her darkness

he lit a match

under and inside


a spark burst

into flames

her world set

on fire

she felt their tongues

torch her

her love burned

as he watched

gently at first

with time


savagely fanned

the flames

her desire burnt bright

lovingly, joyfully


the flames climbed higher

beyond her reach

beyond her control

wildly passionate

whipping warmth

flames became fire

the unbearable flickering

of desire

became a blisteringly

scorching blaze of deceit

he warmed his coldness

at her flames

his blood hot again

 he turned away

from the unbridled heat

and walked away deliberately

without a second glance

 the bonfire

she idealised

showed its true self

as a pyre

and in spite of the flames

she shivered

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