has my wanderlust returned

alongside my wonder lust?

after years of walking the wilderness –

it is a life changing experience

‘they’ say usually nodding their heads


I’m left to wonder if lust is truly good

when I’ve been told all my living days

it is bad, evil, of satan.

but still.


I lust to know

I lust to feel

I lust to experience

anything, everything.

I lust for tender touch

I lust for gazes that say volumes

I lust for words abandoned

of propriety and niceness

I lust for wanton actions

producing gasps and breaths

caught between heart and tongue

I lust for the touch that soothes my soul

I lust for fingers to ignite in me

within me a fire so ferocious

I burn from my lust back into my lust

brightly exploding light onto dark

courageously burning the very

strongholds they placed upon me

to hold me down

no lines drawn

no pretty little boxes

I burn freely, joyously


in hours I am a pile of embers

gloriously satiated

blissfully lusting

for more.

smoky lips

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