william salit_starling


Weeks have gone by

and everyday begins alike

I look out my bedroom window

for that one family of geese

family of two now become seven

just as I have looked perhaps not as often

out of my living room window at the starlings

a commonality exists between the two families

the wee ones, before they take flight or go into the water

always lean into the open space before taking off

instinct tells them to and they listen

through the initial hesitancy, they listened

through the initial fear, they listened.

do I listen to my instincts?

do I give in too easily to fear?

do I hesitate far too often?

do I possess within me enough courage

to tap against the shell which closes me in

which holds me back

courage to tap, tap, tap

continuously and persistently to breakthrough?

do I a woman of forty six possess the courage

of a wee little bird?


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