Ashes were her bed

that were once her pyre

embers fueled her spirit

once a flaming combustion

she became a smouldering heap

toxic gasses of her past emitted upward

proving hazardously flammable

she willed it

she wanted it

never to combust or harm another

out of her charred flesh grew feathers

Fenghuang, Bennu, Phoenix

Garuda, Anka, Simorgh

all, some and none

she was her own being

she lifted her head towards the sun

heat once burned her

heat now restores her

she arched her back

her hands once clutched into her chest

now moved out, palms turned up

seeking the heat of the sun

as it seeped into her being

her wings unfolded


as she inhaled life

back into her lungs

a l i v e



she willed it

she wanted it

leaving the prisons of time

she arose

she flew

into the great wide open

on the winds of eternity

just as she willed it

just as she want it






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